Turnbulls of Alnwick: Ultimate Burger Kits

One of the perks of becoming a food blogger all that time ago, is that I seriously got into cooking at home, just as much as I enjoy going out to eat. I’m no Delia by anyone’s standards, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than treating friends and family to delicious scran that I’ve made myself, whether it goes to plan or not!

Most recently, I’ve been experimenting with burger making, which can be quite the arduous task, depending on how much you throw in them. I also have a tendency to go wild with ingredients, which can be costly, so often it’s easier to just go out to the likes of Fat Hippo (the Scran on the Tyne favourite!) to get my burger fix.

But, what if I want to stay in and eat burgers messily in the comfort of my own home? How can one make at-home burgers convenient and cost-effective? Luckily, Turnbull’s, the six-generation family butchers in Alnwick, Northumberland, have the answer.

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The butchers, which supplies top quality meat, sandwiches, pies, home-cured bacon and other local meaty treats to the good people of Northumberland, are trying something new and jumping aboard the popular ‘Gastro Burger’ trend. I was contacted earlier in the week and offered one of their new burger-making kits as part of their Burger Week promotion (which runs until 23rd May, but the kits are still available after this date, upon request).

I’ve seen a bit of buzz about them on Twitter, so naturally I accepted their offer and pledged to make some delicious burgers for me and my S/O for the purpose of this review.

I received the ‘Big Fat Percy Porker’ (not sure if Turnbulls were trying to tell me something there!) kit, comprising of delicious pork and apple burgers (x8!), 4 mixed seed buns from The Farm Bakery in nearby Rennington, Turnbull’s own garlic mayonnaise (which I’m sat here fantasising about, it’s that good!), caramellised onion chutney (again, a Turnbulls-own creation and totally divine), spicy coleslaw, vine tomatoes and a good wedge of Blue Stilton.

I should mention at this stage that ALL OF THIS, which could comfortably feed a family of four, is only £15. FIFTEEN POUNDS! When you compare that to the price of going out for burgers, you’re looking at 4 times this amount, plus drinks, so it’s already winning in the value for money stakes.

As for how simple they are to put together? Well, put it this way, as long as you don’t under cook your pork burgers, you can’t go far wrong here. I mean seriously, the kits are fool-proof. Nevertheless, it comes with instructions for those who are severely gastronomically-challenged.

I decided to do ours in a griddle pan and cooked on a relatively low heat, flipping every so often and checking the juices ran clear before confirming that tea was ready. On the side (I need a decent side, always!) I made some rosemary and chilli potato discs, which were excellent paired with the garlic mayo.

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After piling on the mayo, lots of stilton, chutney and tomatoes, dinner was served and not a word was uttered, other than the odd “mmm, so good!”, as we both tucked in like real-life Percy Porkers. The burgers were moist and tasted SO fresh, with just a hint of apple, the blue Stilton was salty and rich, and the chutney was a perfect tangy accompaniment to the whole arrangement. I’m not a huge bread fan, but the ones we received were piled with mixed seeds (healthy, right?) and were soft and fresh.

My only qualm (and this could be classed as serious nit-picking) is that the coleslaw wasn’t actually spicy. Not by my standards, anyway. A little more spice and I reckon they’d be onto a winner. That said, it wasn’t too creamy (that would have been serious overload what with the garlic mayo and stilton) and consisted of the perfect amount of crunchy cabbage, onion and carrot, so it was pretty decent overall. I have to say, also, that paired with my “discs”, the whole meal with added prosecco, was the perfect dinner on an otherwise dreary Tuesday evening.

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There was also enough left to have burgers again the following evening (oops!) and this time I added rocket, red onion and an extremely indulgent gorgonzola, paired with a couple of glasses of red wine. I could have easily been out somewhere enjoying the exact same burger (no doubt paying much more for the privilege!) and even a day later, the meat was still fresh and succulent, so again, very purse-friendly.

So, for two night’s worth of dinner, two happy diners and the wonderful knowledge that burgers of this calibre are available to buy as part of a handy kit? Bravo, Turnbulls of Alnwick. Get yours now, they’re perfect for BBQ’s or even if you just fancy jazzing up your midweek dinner, like we did.

It’s fantastic to see a local business getting out of their comfort zone and taking the time to create these kits. There’s five varieties available, so next time I’m up in Alnwick visiting the parents, I’ll be popping into Turnbulls to pick up The Chief Burger, a review of which you can read right here. I’ll also be making sure I get in on the Friday Night “Steak Night” offer, where a delicious 12oz Chateau Briand is only bloomin’ £15. Yes please!

We’d love to see pics of your burger-making experiences with Turnbulls of Alnwick burger-making kits. Tweet us your success at @NE_Scran or share via the Facebook page. Big thanks to Turnbulls of Alnwick for sending me the kit, which was complimentary for the purpose of this review. As always, views true to experience (and let’s face it, if they’d turned out badly it would have more than likely been my fault!)

To get your kit, call Turnbulls of Alnwick on 01665 602 186, visit their website or contact them via Twitter.


  1. 10th January 2016 / 1:12 pm

    Awesome write up, might have to try this myself! Got to admit, for all i love the gourmet burger scene, they are pretty expensive. This looks like a great alternative.

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